AirLink® Management Service
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AirLink® Management Service

AirLink® Management Service (ALMS) is the most powerful, lowest cost way to manage your fleet of AirLink® Gateways and Routers. Register now to have full access to the most comprehensive remote device management application for your fleet of AirLink® Gateways and Routers (available for LX, RV, MP, GX, LS, ES, Raven, PinPoint and MP families).

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AirLink® Management Service

ALMS is a device management cloud application that configures, deploys, and monitors any number of AirLink® Gateways remotely.

Manage your gateways and experience how simple it can be to manage deployments of any size.

  • Monitor – remotely troubleshoot devices with an interactive dashboards that provides at-a-glance views of entire deployments.
  • Configure – modify parameters and get all your gateways on the same configuration with just one click.
  • Upgrade – automatically receive firmware upgrades and easily push them over-the-air to your group of gateways.

Registering for AirLink Complete?​​

Supported AirLink devices purchased after January 2019 are eligible to receive access to one year of AirLink Complete, which includes access to ALMS.

For more information on AirLink Complete, please see our web site.

To register your devices for AirLink Complete, please go to the AirLink Complete customer registration page and provide the required information​.

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